How to Make Money Blogging: 6 Income Streams

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Many internet users are unfamiliar with how many ways there are to make income from home. There are millions of bloggers around the world today that make a substantial living from simply writing about things they know. Through strategic planning and marketing efforts, a blogger could easily supplement their full or part time income in just a few short months. If you are looking to earn some extra cash blogging, you’ll be pleased to know that this one method has several different avenues that could generate the most possible earnings.

Factors to Consider

Now there are some factors to keep in mind when trying to profit from blogging. First and foremost blogging is similar to a business. You are only going to get out of it what you’re willing to put into it. With millions of blogs online, you have to work diligently at staying ahead of the game, growing your audience, and posting great content that produces reader loyalty. Once you’ve established a good following that is when you can begin making many different streams of income from one blog.

1.Advertising Programs

Bloggers are highly encouraged to join some form of advertising program. Some of the most popular advertising programs found on blogs is Googld AdSense. This program provides several different pay per click and video advertising options for bloggers who are interested. When creating posts, Google AdSense will automatically generate ads that relate to the topic. Every time your followers click on this link you are paid!

2. Affiliate Marketing

So maybe you’re not the salesman or simply don’t have the time to sell your own products, affiliate marketing can be a great alternative. There are plenty of affiliate marketing programs including Clickbank and Amazon Associates. All you do is sign up for a free membership, select the links of products or services that you’re willing to promote, and post these links within your blogs. Every time your readers click on the link and make a purchase, you receive an agreed upon percentage!

3. Sell Your Own Ad Space

Once your blog has a decent yet consistent following you’re ready to begin selling advertising space. Have you ever visited blogs and noticed there were little boxes on the left and right hand side of the screens? Well most likely these companies paid to post this advertisement on the blog. You can begin marketing your ad space to companies who sell products or services similar to your blog’s niche. By charging a monthly fee for ad space you could make money without having to lift a finger.

4. Publish Reviews and Get Paid

Since you’re a blogger everyone who comes to your page views you as an “authority” in your particular niche of choice. This creates a whole new platform for you to work with. You can begin creating reviews on products and services that you’ve tried and get paid for them. There are plenty of companies that will pay you for your review.

5. Become an Author

Do you really enjoy writing? Well if so, you could use your blog as a platform to sell your own ebooks. It is very simple to create a small 10-20 page ebook on topics you enjoy and advertise them on your blog. Many writers have become a huge success through their own blogs and marketing efforts.

6. Sell Other Merchandise

Whether you want to sell your own custom products or you’re looking to sell someone else’s products there are plenty of options for bloggers. You can easily create your own online store and begin selling products in an instant.

With a highly successful blog and consistent followers the skies are most certainly the limits for what you can earn. These six income streams are only the beginning of what you can do by simply blogging daily. Your comments and other ways of making money online is welcomed.