Fat Burning Foods You Must Eat to Melt the Flab Away

Fat burning food

Are you tired of trying the latest dieting trends only to end up feeling hungry and unsatisfied with your weight loss? Today there are so many products out there that promise to help you shed pounds and melt fat. While these products have worked wonders for many around the world, ideally, there are things that you can do on your own to shed the fat. By incorporating fat burning foods into your diet you can very easily begin to shed as much as 5 pounds in 6 weeks. So before you go purchasing a calorie counter, portion controlled frozen foods, or diet shakes, consider trying these fat blasting foods today.

whole grainWhole Grains

Fiber is very high at the top of the list for burning fat and improving your digestive system. When you eat foods that are high in fiber, you are actually able to burn twice as many calories. Try incorporating whole grain products into your daily routine. You can find whole grains in certain cereals, brown rice, breads, and even some granola bars.

Lean meatLean Meats

Proteins are great fat burning foods. It has been proven that eating a serving of protein in a day could help you burn about 30% of your calories. This means that if you eat a chicken breast about 300 calories, your body will break down about 90 of those calories without you lifting a finger.

Low Fat DairyLow Fat Dairy

Diary products are filled with calcium and vitamin D. Both of these are necessary to helping build and preserve muscle mass. Muscle mass is important for maintaining a high metabolism. You can find low fat dairy products at your local supermarket. You don’t have to always resort to milk, try getting some different cheeses, yogurts, and other products for variety.

green-teaGreen Tea

Not too many people are aware of the many benefits that can come from drinking green tea.  Aside from being rich in antioxidants, these fat burning foods can really take your weight loss     goals to new heights. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has stated that if people drink  a minimum of four cups of green tea per day, they could shed about six pounds in about two months.


By consuming at least once cup of lentils in a day you are getting more than a quarter of the required daily iron needed. Because most are iron deficient, lentils are important fat burning foods that work great to supply oxygen back to the bloodstream. How does this help with burning fat? When your body does not have all the nutrients it needs, it will begin to slow down your metabolism. Therefore, by supplying yourself with a supplement such as iron, you are replenishing your body’s supply which increases the metabolism.

 Hot peppersHot peppers

Some like it hot and others don’t. Well if you love hot peppers, you will be happy to hear that there is a compound known as Capsaicin that heats up the body. When the body temperature is higher, you begin to burn calories. You can get creative with the hot peppers and eat them raw, cook them, purchase them dried, or even use powered pepper seasoning and still receive the same benefits.

There are a lot more fat burning foods that you can try to eat to shed that flab away including the Venus Factor. By implementing these simple foods into your meal plan, you are sure to be pleased with your results in just a few short months.