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SPECIAL UPDATE :  The Emotional Hook Formula is an update of The Drama Method that teaches you how to use “Positive Drama” to inspire more love and intense desire in your man. Now know as Emotional Hook Formula System,  Aaron Fox has added more tested formula and techniques that will emotionally hook your man to you for life.

In the new Emotional Hook Formula you will be exposed to new techniques that are revolutionary and very addictive. Use this techniques on your man or any man you fancy and watch him desire your love and attention every day.  Some of the techniques include The Sizzling Desire Technique. This technique when use on your man will make his mind go blank and something inside him will scream continously that you are the only one for him. He’ll be so hooked that everything you do will just make him fall a little more in love with you everyday. There is also the Rapid Commitment Technique. If you are in love with a man who fears commitment or you want more commitment from your man, this is the technique to you. Use Rapid Commitment Technique and watch your man suddenly wish to have his whole world begin and end with you. His only desire will be to wake up next to you every day for the rest of his life and he will obsessively plot and plan on how and where he is going to propose to you.

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Emotional Hook Formula (Drama Method) Review.

Aaron Fox’s The Drama Method (Emotional Hook Formula). Here is all you need to know about The Drama Method by Aaron Fox. In this review, we will looking at the core aspect of the program, what is Drama Method? Why men love Drama, who is Aaron Fox, who needs the Drama Method, The Pros and Cons of Drama Method. Let us begin with a quick overview.

  • Product Name : Emotional Hook Formula (Drama Method)The drama method
  • Product Creator : Aaron Fox
  • Official Website :
  • Product Warranty : “60 Days Money Back Guarantee”
  • Delivery Time period : Instant Delivery
  • Delivery Method : Online Access and Downloadable PDF
  • Bonus Offer : 3 Bonus Product. Mind Scanner Report, Shameless Truth Report, Extreme Case Scenario Turnaround Report
  • Credibility : Contain proven techniques and tips that will make any man desire to have you.

Emotional Hook Formula (The Drama Method) Review

Love is one if not the best thing that can happen to anyone, however love is fraught with it’s challenge and difficulties and maintaining a stable relationship takes both energy and creativity. For a woman, having a man who loves and adore you all the time is the ultimate gift, but few experience this kind of feeling. It’s almost like you are begging your man to do the impossible, to commit to you alone, to cherish and respect you. The Drama Method offers everyone and ingenuous way to make your man (any man) continue loving and committing to you even after the initial joy that comes with a new relationship is over.

The Drama Method is for any women who desires to have a better, more fulfilling and happy relationship with her man. The Drama Method is for singles, married, divorced or separated ladies. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting to date or you are in your 40’s, 50’s or beyond, the Drama Method offers you techniques and tips you can use to create greater love and affection from your man. He will be literally begging to be your only lover and friend. We use to think that men hate dramas, well not if you know how to effectively use it. What men hate is stillness, a lady who is unable to express herself, one who is unable to express her emotion, one who is not confident enough to challenge her man emotional, intellectually and express The Language of Desire

What is The Drama Method (Emotional Hook Formula)

Created by Aaron Fox, a relationship and dating coach, The Drama Method is a relationship program that teaches women techniques they can use on their man (and any man) to trigger so much love that he will find her the most tempting and irresistible woman he’s ever come across. The Drama Method borders on triggering the love sensors in a man’s mind that will make him fall head over heels in love with you. The Drama Method shows you how to implant “Addictive Seeds of Desire” in the mind of a man using a method called the logical attraction, this process makes a man experience extreme love and affection for you and only you. He will desire you so intensely that he cannot do without you.

Drama Method shows a woman how through her words, actions and emotion she can captivate and put a man in a place where all he thinks is her, he will be unable to function properly without thinking and talking with you. This program helps you communicate better with your man and build greater and lasting bond with him. According to Aaron, most people think men hate drama and a man will shy away from any women that gives him drama, well men love drama, they love a woman who can captivate and sustain their attention almost all the time. Being silence and indifference shows a man that you really don’t care what he does, while giving him drama is a proof that you really care about him. He will admire, respect and always want to be with you. The Drama Method is not about nagging, the Drama Method is about inspiring a man, keeping him in his toe, making him see all that you have to offer and why he needs you in his life.

What’s Included In Aaron Fox’s Drama Method?

Here is what you will get when you decide to  Purchase the Drama Method Aside the core program which contains techniques any woman can use to make her man fall head over heels in love with her, you also get 3 bonus product. Each of this bonus product helps you to build a better relationship with your man.

The Core Program

The core Drama Method consist of both eBook in PDF format and an audio version of the product for people who learn better listening. Inside the program, Aaron Fox offers step-by-step techniques and formulas that any woman can use to create a special kind of love and become irresistible to her man  using drama. Some of the techniques you will learn in the program includes.

  • The addictive Seed:  This techniques shows you how to plant addictive seeds of love using the logical attraction method. This make your man experience absolute and pure love for you.
  • The Cocktail Drama: This method will intensify the level of attraction of your man for you resulting in his adoring and obeying your wishes.
  • The Emotional Variety Trick: This makes a man experience peak level of passion and affection for you by giving him bit of excitement and a little of aggravation at the same time..kind of bitter sweet mixed together.

Bonus Product

1. Mind Scanner Report – This report details a clever way to scan a man’s mind and get him to come up with his own reasons for dating you, spending more time with you, craving your attention, etc. When it’s HIS idea, you don’t have to work so hard to get him to like you more, love you more, or commit to you. It’s perfect to use on guy’s who just want to be friends or who have hinted that you aren’t his type.

2. Shameless Truth Report – This report gives you the down and dirty secrets of what men truly think about and how they feel about relationships. Scary, thought provoking, and a little unnerving, but definitely something that’s going to help you understand your man better than just about any other woman.

3. Extreme Case Scenario Turnaround Report – This is probably my favorite of all the bonuses. If you’ve ever done something stupid or embarrassing around a guy you like (who hasn’t, right?) and wish you could take it all back, then this will be a huge help. It will help you erase those mistakes so they don’t get in the way of your relationship or ruin the attraction with your man.

Who Needs The (Emotional Hook Formula) Drama Method.

The Drama Method was written for women of all age who are either in a relationship, single, married or separated. This program contain techniques that serves all relationship status. It doesn’t matter if you’re single, married, divorced, or separated.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a teenager who is completely new to the dating scene or a woman in her 40’s, 50’s, or beyond who has seen more than her fair share of bad relationships with men.  If you have a man in your life that you want to constantly find you attractive and see only you foshaking every other level, then you need the techniques taught in the drama method. The Drama Method was written for women of all age who are either in a relationship, single, married or separated. This program contain techniques that serves all relationship status. It doesn’t matter if you’re single, married, divorced, or separated.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a teenager who is completely new to the dating scene or a woman in her 40’s, 50’s, or beyond who has seen more than her fair share of bad relationships with men.

There is no doubt that every woman desires and deserve greater love, attention from her man, but in order to achieve this she need to go outside her comfort zone and learn necessary skills and techniques that will captivate her man, this is what The Drama Method offers. The Drama Method teaches you skills and techniques that will make your man fall head over heels in love and remain in love with only you.

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