This Child Meteorologist is Either the Coolest Kid Ever…or the Most Annoying

Your mileage may vary on the entertainment value of this particular clip, though your reaction to it will probably fall somewhere between adorable and obnoxious. Apparently, WGN has made a tradition out of inviting kids to anchor their weather forecasts, since, you know, what could go wrong? Well, when this second grader took command, he certainly gave Al Roker a run for his weatherman money.

The kid’s name is Charlie Hale, and he comes off as a sort of spiritual brother to Noah Ritter, if not this kid from Curb Your Enthusiasm.
I have to say that the soundtrack to the forecast was a nice touch, which at one point included Kenny Loggins’ “Danger Zone” for some unknown reason. Young Charlie also gets extra credit from me for his Calvin and Hobbes reference.
You’ll notice that Charlie Hale also happens to be quicker on his feet than the news anchor who simply stares at the camera for the last 10 seconds or so of this video. Maybe the kid can go work at MSNBC or something. I’d at least watch him over Chris Hayes.


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