6 Affiliate Marketing Programs For Beginners

Affiliate marketingIf you’re a beginner to the affiliate marketing world you will be pleased to know that there are plenty of programs out there that support newbies. Even if you have high hopes of one day becoming an affiliate marketer that earns six figures each year, starting off with programs that are reliable and easy is your best option. After you’ve gained experience, then you are able to go it alone or enroll in more lucrative programs for intermediate and advanced marketers. With all the different programs out there, selecting the right one can be hard. Below you will find a few of the top choices for beginners.

1. Commission Junction: If you’ve done any research on affiliate marketing programs you’ve likely come across Commission Junction. This is a great platform for new marketers for many reasons. It is very easy to join and there are plenty of programs for you to sign up for. The site is basically a host site for major companies that have their own affiliate programs. So once you’ve signed up for a commission junction membership you are then able to join as many company programs as you want (eligibility requirements might apply for some companies). Sign up for Commission Junction

2. Amazon Associates: Amazon’s affiliate marketing programs are ideal for beginners. The process of getting started is quite simple to follow. What makes this a great and possibly lucrative first start is that when promoting products you have the backing of a professional and well known brand such as Amazon. This makes the possibilities of making sells a lot more likely. It is important to select great items to sell through this program as your target audience only has 24 hours from the time of clicking on the link to make the purchase. If they do not make a purchase within the day, you will not receive commission. Sign up for Amazon Associates

3. eBay Partner Network: One of the more talked about affiliate marketing programs to date is the eBay Partner Network. There is a high potential for beginners to generate revenue as there are so many different products that you can choose from. In order to sign up for this affiliate marketing program you will need to make sure that you have a quality website already up and running as they will want to review this information to see if you have decent traffic and high quality content. Sign up for eBay Partner Network

4. Clickbank:  Everyone who ever thought about becoming an affiliate marketer has heard something about the affiliate marketing program known as clickbank. This site is loaded with products to sell. However, all merchandise is digital. This means that consumers will get their products right away. Typical items sold include eBooks, software programs, or online services. The good news is there are no real requirements to get started promoting clickbank products. Simply sign up for your free account and begin marketing. Sign up for Clickbank

5. Google Adsense: Google AdSense is not necessarily known to be an affiliate marketing program, however, many affiliate marketers utilize this program as a way to monetize their blog or website. Ads are generated based on the type of content you create on your websites which is great for advertising to your target audience. You can even select products that pay per click so that you can begin generating income over the course of time. Sign up for Google Adsense

6. Popshops: Now if you’re looking for an affiliate marketing tool that will help you get the most out of all the marketing programs listed above you want to consider Popshops. It is a unique service that provides a platform for you to review all of your products and product feeds from all of your marketing programs on one account. This helps you to see the bigger picture and generate more leads. Sign up for Popshops

These are just a few top affiliate marketing programs and tools that can help a beginner start learning to earn money on their own. With these programs you will learn the ins and outs of online marketing and better build your brand.